C&I PV application scenarious

With the concepts of inovation and sustainable development, GPE Solar provide high efficiency, high reliability products and solutions for C&I, reconstucting clean and green energy with PV technology.

Value Addition

GPE Solar Provide technology-leading and innovation PV products and solutions, intelligent and digital project implementation, ensure profits of investors, realize corporate social responsibility and sustainable development.

Improve Idle Utilization

Our solution can be paired with self-owned idle roof, carport, etc.Professional design match the perfect module for any rooftop and space, thus maximizing value for the customer.

Innovative Application

Deeply cooperated with partners, we launched new solutions for greenhouse, carport, which easy-to-install, highly power yield performance, effectively reducing the installation and investment cost.

Develop Green Industry

We help high energy-consuming enterprises develop green industrial, reduce emissions, achieve the “Dual Carbon” goal, improve the Ecological Environment and bring good social benefits.

Typical Product

Successful Cases