Residential PV application scenarious

With diversified product types and professional design team, GPE Solar residential solutions match the perfect PV system for any rooftop, ensuring the operation efficiency of customer projects.

Value Addition

Based on industry-leading product performance and quality, GPE Solar residential PV solutions provide aesthetically, environmentally-friendly rooftop solar systems that greatly reduce your energy bills.

Excellent Product Performance

Our PV Plant offer the higher power ratings, energy yields and proven reliability, integrated with a variety of mounting and racking systems, inverters and roof types as per customer needs.

Aesthetic, Efficient Systems

We design the PV Plant layout according to architectural style and roof shape, to ensure stable and efficient power generation while making your roof look more elegant and beautiful.

Professional Technical Service

We take customer value as our and private whole process hign quality technical services covering pre-sales, mid-sales and post-sales.

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Successful Cases